The most powerful Daylight unit in Poland.
As a solution used with a Cherry Picker, it works well lighting large areas and for slow-motion footage.

Power output is comparable to using 7 lined up 18K ARRI MAX units.

  • no flickering even at high framerate (according to the manufacturer’s specification up to 10,000 fps)
  • precise power control from 5% to 100%
  • frame for fixing the filters included
  • cherrypicker mount in the set
  • DMX control option onboard


  • the crew of min three sparks for one unit
  • power genny. 400 kVa 
  • unit weight with accessories: 210kg
  • power lock cables weight  3kg per meter  ( three lines  Power Lock min. 75mm² )
  • 30 m of  Powerlock cables in the set ( from the ballast to the head ) ( possible extension to 50 m – extra charge  )
  • 10 m of Powerlock cable for the ballast to the power genny in the basic gear set  !!!

Unit usage is limited under conditions of heavy rainfall, snow laff or high humidity.