Community Economics

Welcome to the Community Economy for the Film Industry!

CineLight and Community Economics

We are the first company in the film industry to be based on Community Economic principles. Here, every amount spent on services pays off in favor of the client, in the spirit of the Community Economic, Sharing Economy field.

Benefits for Customers

Monthly Gratuities

Commissions on contributed rent.
(For gaffers , grip makers and individual downloaders)

Annual Profit Share

Opportunity to share in CineLight's annual profits.

Owner Shares

Acquisition of shares for investment purposes or for earned income.

Community Economics Mechanism

Local Cooperation Building

The community of customers allocates orders to one company, which builds high quality cooperation and increases market opportunities locally.

The Role of the Customer

The customer at Cinelight is not only a recipient of services, but also an investor and seller of the company's potential.

Closed Money Cycle

The company is gradually being transferred to local community ownership of key customers to create a secondary circulation of money - the capital goes back to the customers.

Principles of Community Economics at Cinelight

Publication of Financial Results

Quarterly and annual financial reports are made available to Community members.

Invitation to Cooperation

We encourage you to join our Community, for profits, for the local market, for investment.