Our offer for the film industry

At Cinelight, we understand that each film, commercial or television project is a unique story that requires special treatment. That’s why we are introducing an innovative cooperation model that goes beyond standard lighting equipment rental services. Aimed at gaffers, grip makers, manufacturers and production managers, our offering is a compilation of unique benefits and opportunities that reflect our philosophy of flexible collaboration and the idea of win-win through the use of the Sharing Economy. From attractive commissions to full equipment insurance to the opportunity to share in the company’s profits, at Cinelight we focus on long-term, fruitful relationships and co-creating binzes success.

Welcome to a world where commitment, innovation and mutual respect create a different perspective in the film industry.

For Gaffers, Gripers, DoPs

We offer a unique cooperation program with lots of benefits:

  • Monthly Commission: Receive 10% commission on the value of rented equipment and up to 10% depending on the form of cooperation.
  • Market Rates for Work: Salary commensurate with the project.
  • Equipment Safety: Full equipment liability insurance for the gaffer/griper and the company.
  • Team Safety: NNW insurance for the gaffer/griper.
  • Simple and Efficient Cooperation: Cooperation with us is transparent and seamless.
  • Support during the Project: we provide the necessary assistance, including substitutions and transportation of equipment.
  • Flexibility: we adapt to your needs and forms of cooperation.
  • Trust and Professionalism: We build relationships based on mutual respect and openness.
  • Rich Equipment Facilities: Take advantage of our state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Profit Sharing: Opportunity to participate in the company’s annual profits and the possibility of receiving ownership shares in CineLight.

Future plans include. prompt payments, bookkeeping, private health care and more.

For Producers

    Our offerings for film producers include:
  • Profit Sharing: Opportunity to participate in the company’s annual profits and the possibility of receiving ownership shares in CineLight.
  • Clear and Stable Terms of Business: Transparent and repeatable processes.
  • Competitive Pricing: No hidden or additional costs.
  • Flexible Billing: From valuation, lump sum or according to actual usage.
  • Attractive Discounts: From the size of the project and individually worked out.
  • Bonuses:  Electric cart  – free of charge, at the same time renting lighting equipment worth more than 2000 PLN net per day of rental.
  • Professional Teams and Equipment: We provide quality service.
  • Long Payment Terms: Individually worked out.

For Retail Persons

We appreciate individual and active landlords fulfilling retail orders.

  • 10% commission on rented equipment, over 800PLN net.
  • Returns and releases from the “nightbox” (lock) at any hours.
  • Lots of available accessories at attractive prices.
  • Individual discounts for earned cooperation.

For Key Customers

We appreciate and reward the most valuable customers:

  • Ownership Shares: The possibility of receiving ownership shares in CineLight through invitation based on achieved results in collaboration.
  • Vesting for Ownership Shares: The option to enter into a vesting agreement, guaranteeing the transfer of shares upon meeting specific conditions.
  • Dividend Cover: Temporary entitlement to share in profits equivalent to ownership dividends.

For Investors

We invite you to invest in Cinelight by acquiring issued shares for the purpose:

  • Collection of Annual Dividend.
  • Share Redemption with Guaranteed Margin.

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